International forum "Technoprom-2018"

Continuing his working trip to the Siberian Federal District, Vladimir Putin arrived in Novosibirsk, where he took part in the plenary session of the International Forum Technoprom-2018, and also visited an exhibition of technological development.

The main topic of the forum is the promotion of technological leadership of the Russian economy through the development and accelerated introduction of high-tech "intelligent" technologies in traditional industries.

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Speech at the VI International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2018

Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, dear friends!

I am very glad to welcome all of you to the sixth International Forum of Technological Development Technoprom-2018. By tradition, it takes place here in Novosibirsk - in one of the most important business, industrial, and intellectual centers of our country. The world-famous Novosibirsk Akademgorodok with its powerful innovative potential is located in the region, where large high-tech enterprises and research and educational institutions are concentrated. We have just met with some of the developments created with the participation of scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences at an exhibition organized as part of the forum. And it is worth to note that the exposition has very interesting, promising domestic projects in various fields of knowledge: from nanomaterials to medical and aerospace technologies. I hope that thanks to this forum, which brought together representatives of government, science and business, development institutions, they will receive the necessary support and further development. In today's conditions of rapid technological change, global competition for scientific, industrial primacy, such events as Technoprom are undoubtedly in demand and of the utmost importance. Today, it is the knowledge and high technologies - in this audience there is no need to talk about it, nevertheless, I will say - they determine the efficiency of the economy, make it possible to drastically improve the quality of life of people, modernize the infrastructure and public administration, ensure law and order and safety. In fact, the viability of nations, entire societies and states, the position of countries in the world, especially such large states as ours, like Russia, depend on advanced technologies, their effective development and, most importantly, rapid implementation. Therefore, we have set the scientific and technological breakthrough among the key national goals and priorities. And I am convinced that we are able to accomplish it, uniting the efforts of the state, business, scientific and educational community, expanding freedom for the initiative and creativity of our people.

In recent years, we have steadily increased funding for science, updated the infrastructure of research and development. Formed a comfortable climate for the launch of high-tech industries. So, for example, I can say that over the past 17 years, the financing of science in real terms has increased by 3.7 times, and at current prices is much more - 23.6 times. Of course, if you now talk with many of those sitting here in the hall, they will say that this is not enough, and I will agree: this is not enough. But we proceed from our capabilities, although we will, of course, move further in this direction.

We have created and will create conditions for attracting capable, talented young people to science. And I will stress again: the motivation of people is in solving ambitious, significant tasks. It is necessary to provide them with opportunities for self-realization, achievement of high scientific results. Do everything to make them feel in demand. At the same time, it is necessary, and we will do this, to increase the attractiveness of our science for scientists from all over the world, to form “points of attraction” for them. And I assure you, there are such points.

I come to some centers and watch how our colleagues from many countries of the world work. When asked why are they here, the answer is concrete and pleasant: there is something to work together, there are attractive areas of activity, attractive promising developments in which our specialists have advanced and have often advanced further than their colleagues. The conditions for collaboration are created.

It is necessary to accumulate our competencies at the expense of international cooperation, thst is an extremely important area. This includes the development of the latest "megascience" class facilities in Russia. With their help, scientists will have to find answers to the so-called big challenges: the depletion of resources, diseases, food shortages, ecology - due to the development of new types of energy, materials, medicine, high-quality products. At the exhibition such areas are presented now.

Our plans are to create a network of such facilities: from the Protvino in Moscow region to the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok and the Russky Island in Vladivostok. These facilities will be a good contribution to solving the problems of spatial development of Russia, to the emergence of territories with a high concentration of research and development. The Novosibirsk Akademgorodok should become one of the flagships here - it is such a flagship, but we will fully support this quality.

The relevant instructions are given at the beginning of the current year. Colleagues now informed me about the progress of the performance. I hope that all our plans will be implemented on time and with proper quality. I can also say that the regional authorities, the scientific community have done serious preparatory work for the implementation of these plans. At the same time consideration of the project, certainly, proceeds. In fact, the forum is its first public discussion. I hope for your constructive comments and suggestions. I will only emphasize that one of the key areas of development of the Akademgorodok should be the creation of new, high-tech, competitive industries, including export-oriented ones. And our business should take an active part in this work.

I must say that our high-tech-oriented business is developing at a very decent pace and gives very good returns, demonstrates very good results.

And yet, I know that among other relevant topics of your forum is the improvement of mechanisms for the practical implementation of scientific research. We have traditionally always had a lot of problems here. I would like to repeat that this chain should be structured so that promising scientific ideas quickly, in the shortest possible time, receive applied use, turn into successful commercial products. So that the spent intellectual resources bring real returns, serve the benefit of the Russian economy and industry, improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Dear friends and colleagues! I am convinced that by joint efforts we will certainly solve all the tasks before us. We will provide a powerful scientific and technological breakthrough not only in Siberia, but also in the whole country. We will ensure that our country strengthens its position among the leaders of scientific and technological development.

And in conclusion, I certainly want to wish the participants and guests of this wonderful event, Technoprom, interesting, fruitful communication, success and all the best.

I know that among the participants are not only Russian representatives of various activities - science, business, public organizations - but also our colleagues, friends from abroad. I want to thank them for the attention that they pay to working together with Russia.

I wish you success. Thank you very much for your attention. Good luck.

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