The Federal Scientific and Technical Program for the Development of Synchrotron and Neutron Research and Research Infrastructure has been approved

The Federal Science and Technology Program approved by the signed decree defines the main areas of research related to solving conceptually new fundamental and major applied problems in order to implement the priority areas of scientific and technological development and achieve the national development goals of Russia, to create and develop research infrastructure, including unique megascience facilities, to train scientific personnel for synchrotron and neutron research, including the field of nuclear medicine. The implementation of the Program will ensure the creation of a synchrotron and neutron research infrastructure network, the development of accelerator and reactor technologies, the domestic instrumentation base for equipping experimental stations, and the creation of scientific and educational centers based on the synchrotron and neutron infrastructure.

The coordinating customer of the program is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The leading research organization is National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute".

Government Decree No 287 of March 16, 2020 (in Russian)


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